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Peter Xiong is a lawyer and partner in Guangdong Gain Law Firm. He obtained an MA degree in English Language and Literature from the English Department of Huazhong Normal University and a master of law degree in International Economic Laws from the Law School of Beijing University, the top law school in China. He also obtained the professional title of Translator.
Before entering the career of a lawyer, Mr.Xiong worked in an import and export company for nearly 10 years and gained rich practical experience in company management and international trade practices, and skills to get along with foreign clients.
Mr.Xiong acts as permanent legal advisers for a number of companies from the USA, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong, such as Speedling USA, Incorporated, A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc., M-Flex Singapore Ltd., West Dragon Co., Ltd., Tottori Sanyo Electric (Shenzhen) Ltd., etc, providing the clients the legal services such as: the establishment of representative offices, wholly foreign-owned companies, joint ventures and cooperative ventures; daily legal advices; the drafting, examining, translation of various contracts and other legal documents; the issuance of lawyer¡¯s letter, due diligent report and lawyer¡¯s witnessing notes; representing clients in the conciliation, arbitration and litigation of various contract disputes.
Appointed by the law firm and Shenzhen Association of Foreign Trade and Processing Enterprises, Mr.Xiong is director of the Law Service Center for Foreign-related Enterprises, providing legal services for more than 300 foreign-owned enterprises and sino-foreign joint ventures, which are members of the Association.
Mr.Xiong also acts as permanent legal adviser for a number of Chinese or joint venture real estate companies such as Shenzhen Wenwei and Chongqing Huaxin, providing the clients legal services from the obtainment of land-use rights, to construction and sale of houses, mortgage on real estate and the conciliation, arbitration and litigation of real estate disputes.
Employed by the world famous law firm, Baker & McKenzie, Mr. Xiong worked as senior consultant on Chinese laws, providing legal consultancies and services to various foreign investment companies of the law firm.
Areas of practices of Mr. Xiong are: foreign investment laws, international trade laws, corporation laws, contract laws, and real estate laws.

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