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Area  of  Practice

Legal Counsel
Acting as permenant legal advisor for domestic and foreign individuals, corporations, and other organizations.
Acting as legal advisor for economic projects.

Litigation and Arbitration Representation

Representing clients in conciliation, arbitration, litigation of economic, civil, intellectual property rights and administrative disputes.
Acting as defender for defendants and agent for private prosecutors and victims in criminal cases.
Litigation and arbitration in commercial, investment, and maritime disputes.
Litigation agency in international antidumping cases.

Domestic Nonlitigious Legal Service
Legal service in domestic real estate development, transaction, transfer, leasing and mortgage.
Issue of legal letters in the transformation of corporations into stock corporations, and list of stocks in domestic and foreign stock markets.
Legal service for the formation, recombination, transfer, transaction, merger and liquidation of corporations.
Drafting, review, modification and translation of contracts and othe legal documents.
Recovery of debts.
Representing clients in the application, transfer, inheritance and permission of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
Issue of lawyers' witnessing notes and representing clients for notarization.

Foreign Nonlitigious Legal Service
Drafting, modification, review, translation of various contracts and legal documents.
Examination of investment feasibility report to choose the appropriate form of investment and guarantee.
Company start-ups and business registration.
Credit information and business negotiation.
Legal service in such international economic and technological cooperation projects as international leasing, tender offer and bidding, transfer of technology, export of labor.
Formalities in the sales of domestic real estate abroad and overseas real estate in China.


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